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Selling timber is quite often an infrequent opportunity for most landowners. Since timber sales are the measuring stick by which successful timber management is often evaluated, one should make the most of these opportunities. Forest management planning, which timber sales play a vital part, when correctly implemented can substantially increase long term revenue streams for timberland owners.

That’s where we can help you the most!

We are the professionals with years of experience handling, monitoring and dealing with, on a daily basis:

    • timber sales,
    • timber markets,
    • timber buyers,
    • timber purchase agreements,
    • logging operations.

Our knowledge, experience, and integrity represent YOU, the landowner and YOU ONLY. WE WORK FOR YOU!  This eliminates the possibility of any conflict of interest in the selling and harvesting process.

Most of our sales are implemented through a bidding process assuring you competitive prices.  We assist in drafting a Timber Sales Contract that protects you and your property before, during, and after harvest.  We supervise the harvesting operations to ensure that all aspects of the Timber Sales Contract are adhered to.


No matter the resource, you have to know what you have to properly manage it.    We assess timber resources by conducting an inventory, or cruising timber, and appraising the resource.   For new forest landowners, whether purchasing timberland property, inheriting it or receiving it by gift, this is vitally important.  An inventory and appraisal determines a basis in the timber and determines the depletion rate for future timber sales.  When timber is later sold timber prices at the time of the sale is important, but isn’t how much you net, or get to keep in the end even more important?  Having an established basis in the timber sold is a must.


Prescribed or controlled burning is a common, practical forest management tool.  Fire is a natural part of the forest ecosystem.  The native plant and animal species of East Texas are adapted to and have evolved because of the role of fire in the environment over the eons of time.  Proper, controlled application of fire in a managed forest has a variety of benefits including:

    • the enhancement of wildlife habitat,
    • a reduction in hazardous fuel levels,
    • a control of undesirable plant species,
    • a release of nutrients and water for the residual plant species,
    • aesthetic appearance improvement.

Prescribed or controlled burning is also cost-effective method for site clean-up.


In Texas property taxes are the primary source of funds for public schools, county governments and local agencies.  Property taxes are calculated on the appraised value of a property.  There are however special-use appraisal rules in place for properties where agriculture, timber production or wildlife management is the primary use.  These special-use appraisals reduce the appraised value significantly thereby reducing the tax burden considerably.  Taking advantage of these rules is up to the landowner.  Taxing entities, in general, do not voluntarily offer up these savings.  YOU must seek these out and apply.  Let our experienced staff go to work for you and put these rules to use.

Governmental agencies and private associations may also offer funds to assist or even pay for many forest management activities through grant and cost reimbursement programs.  We’ve assisted many clients with these programs and we’re ready to help you with the same!


Silviculture or Forest Management Activities, include such things as:

    • herbicide applications,
    • site preparation treatments to ready an area for tree planting,
    • tree planting,
    • fertilization,
    • prescribed burning,
    • timber harvests.

These activities or treatments are quite often an infrequent event for most landowners.  Prescribing and implementing a silvicultural activity can easily define the next 30 to 50 years in a forest setting.  Making sure the proper treatment is prescribed, that it’s implemented properly and that it is at a cost that is fair and reasonable for the task is our priority.  WE work for YOU.


Whether its twenty acres or ten thousand acres you own, Forest management planning, knowing when, where and what to do on a property can quite often be a daunting task. Our staff is here and ready to set up a comprehensive Management Plan tailored to the goals and objectives you have for your property.


At Lone Star Forestry, LLC we have the latest Geographic Information System (GIS) software and in the field Global Positioning System (GPS) tools at the ready to put together “smart” and accurate maps of your property for any of your land management needs.

Carbon Sequestration

The Carbon Market is real and forest landowners are getting paid to grow trees! There are a variety of carbon programs available. Programs which include such terms as carbon sequestration, carbon offset, carbon credits and harvest deferral units.

Forest landowners should use caution when contemplating enrolling their property into one of these programs as many of them can place adverse, long-term restrictions on a property.

However, when the proper program is chosen, and administered into the overall forest management and plan on a property it can assist in a much more successful and profitable forest management program.

It is therefore vitally important that forest landowners consult with a professional consulting forester to weigh their options before enrolling and committing their timber resource.

We’ve studied these carbon programs and are ready to guide you through these important decisions. Give us a call to discuss options and your fit into this new and blossoming market.


Robert Frost said, “Good fences make good neighbors” and we couldn’t agree more.  It’s amazing how many issues could be avoided if property lines had been clearly defined.  Trespass and timber theft are issues that could quite often be avoided had property lines been clearly marked.  In a forest setting an economically easy way to clearly define a property line is by periodically blazing and painting trees along a boundary.   In Texas the use of purple paint for delineating these lines also serves as a “Posted” or “No Trespassing” sign.   By blazing and painting property lines in this manner it not only marks the property line it also adds a greater benefit of liability protection for the landowner.


Many of our clients at Lone Star Forestry LLC look to us for more than their Forest Management needs.  We often refer to ourselves as a “Land Management Company”.  We assist our landowner client base with a variety of other activities such as:

    • easement negotiations and oversight,
    • fencing,
    • roadwork,
    • oil & gas leasing,
    • hunting & grazing lease management,
    • wildlife management services, and
    • a host of other activities.

We are sure we’ll have the answer to your land management needs or objectives. If we do not have that answer, chances are we have a contact that does and are pleased to guide you in the proper direction.


Wayne Pfluger


Texas A&M University, 1988
Bachelor of Science – Forestry



C: 936-661-2319

Shelley Pfluger

Office & Financial Operations Manager

Sam Houston State University, 1994
Bachelor of Science – Accounting



C: 936-523-1988

Justin Hill

Field Operations Manager

Sam Houston State University, 2011
Bachelor of Science – Agriculture – Engineering Technology



C: 936-661-3904

Joe Pfluger

Forest Manager

Texas A&M University, 2015
Bachelor of Science – Forestry



C: 936-689-1584



Forest owners have a diverse set of reasons for holding forest property. Many forest owners have goals that natural processes alone are unlikely to achieve.  Forest health, wildlife diversity, forest products, hunting and ecological services can all be enhanced through good forest management.

Foresters are the professionals with university degrees that can address forest management by blending aspects of ecology, biology, economics and social acceptability. There are different kinds of foresters and specialties.   Consulting Foresters work for private forest owners for the benefit of the owner.  They are not employed by other interests, such as sawmills, loggers or associations.  While some forest owners are reluctant to hire the services of Professional Forestry Consultants, those who do are generally satisfied.  There are many readily available studies proving the value added by using a Consulting Forester.  Forests, like most assets pay dividends when investments are made.  In a forest setting these dividends can be both monetary and otherwise.

Consulting Foresters can help forest owners navigate through the often complex decision-making process of what might be best for particular woodland. Habitat management, timber sales, tree planting, recreational design and forest protection are some of the more common sets of forest owner interests. These activities may occur on a very limited basis for the landowner.  A Consultant’s experience can be invaluable and save a forest owner from many heartaches and unnecessary expenses.  Consultants can also help with the bottom line with assistance on applications to cost-share and property tax programs.

Consulting Foresters, like service providers in most any profession, possess various areas of expertise and experience.  They draw from different frames of reference and experiences and utilize different approaches.   Finding the right Consulting Forester to best fit your needs is important.  Forests represent substantial assets, financial and otherwise.   Like other large assets, forests deserve the benefits of professional advice and assistance.


The story of Lone Star Forestry LLC can be traced back to 1973 when in a second-grade classroom in Round Rock, Texas a very young man was asked, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” He wrote, “FOREST RANGER”. Some just have a calling in life. The rest, as they say, is history.

Thirty-two years later after gaining a degree in Forestry from Texas A&M University, working in the forest industry and for a large family holding, Lone Star Forestry LLC was founded in 2005 by it’s principal, Wayne Pfluger.

Lone Star Forestry LLC has since established a presence in Southeast Texas serving a clientele of individuals, estates, trusts, banks and non- forestry based corporations.

Our goal at Lone Star Forestry LLC is to help our landowner clients meet their land management goals and objectives through proper forest, wildlife, and land management techniques.

With more than 30 years of forest management work in East Texas, we at Lone Star Forestry look forward to putting that experience to work for you.

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